CFO ANZ Series: Finance & Agility Summit

19 May 8:30 am

KG Butler is a keynote speaker at this exciting event.  Whether you’re a leader, your people need your support to foster a culture of curiosity, sharing, iteration, and continuous improvement. To boost innovation and optimisation in the workplace, we not only have to look at the culture of innovation but we also have to put equal importance on the culture of optimisation.

And given the current climate and the past 2 years it’s more important than ever to look at our strategies as CFOs to ensure optimum business outcomes and organisational objectives.

Join us as we take a look at:

  • The synergies between Finance and IT teams and how we can enable and optimise IT Costs and implementations
  • The CFO’s crucial rule in carrying out digital transformation
  • Defining what trusted teams look like with agility and flexibility in mind
  • How to become adversity quotient (IQ+EQ+AQ)
  • Strategies to help leaders survive and thrive despite change resistance
  • Creating a path of purpose, empathy, and growth to increase innovative contribution