CCO ANZ Live Series

24 May 8:30 am

KG Butler is a keynote speaker at this exciting event.

CX and its Understanding of the Current Climate – What’s Next for Customer Experience?

One of the biggest challenges organisations are faced with these days is finding and recruiting the right talent. It has never been more of an employee-driven market than before. Organisations are now on the challenging path to find, retain, train and upscale and at the same time, it is crucial to strike the perfect, flexibility and establish the new work models whilst ensuring they maintain diversity and inclusion.

During this month’s CCO ANZ Series, we get together to understand and gain key insights into:

  • The positioning of CX from the initial design process
  • Defining your talent strategy and what success means for your CX teams
  • Understanding the new generation’s mentality and creating the path for harvesting and developing the right attributes in your CX teams
  • Harmonising your data strategy with your organisational CX strategy
  • The synergies in CX and employee experience, Creating and mastering the balance in work flexibility.

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